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The Peak and Decline of Swing

The swing movement has seen several peaks through history. It was first introduced in the late 20s as another form of jazz. While jazz has a very distinctive style, swing incorporated more brass and heavy rhythm sections, usually manned by larger numbers of band members than traditional jazz. Artists such as Benny Goodman and Count [...]

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Swing Origins – How the Magic Started

The style of jazz popular after the turn of the century had a sophisticated feel to it. It was popular in night clubs and bars all over the US after beginning in New Orleans. In the mid to late 20s many artists started to experiment with different sounds, adding more brass instruments and faster beats. [...]

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Swing Musicians Through the Ages

In the beginning of the swinger music movement many unknown musicians were given an opportunity to make it pretty big. As the movement grew, the different types of swing music grew and expanded as well. Today swing still remains popular, and many artists still regularly release albums. Early Musicians When swing music started to hit [...]

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Swing! The Musicals

With the resurgence of the swing scene in the 90s, it was only a matter of time before someone created a musical based on that. Paul Kelly came up with the idea of Swing! and watched it come to life in 1999. The Show Swing! takes classic music from the swing era from famous artists [...]

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Brief History of Swing Music

Swing music is a form of jazz that became popular in the early 30s. It features strong rhythms and brass instruments such as trombones and saxophones. The tempo is typically a faster pace, and doesn’t always have lyrics associated. Swing has been popular since its introduction, and has experienced several revivals over the decades. Worldwide [...]

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The Birth of Swing

In the early 1900s jazz music began to make its way on the music scene. First being popular only in African American communities, it didn’t take long for everyone to take notice. Before the 20s came rolling in, jazz music could be heard in virtually every club in the states, and was making its way [...]

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Swing Revival

The swing music scene was huge in the 30s and 40s, but maintained popularity through today. In the early 90s it hit the scene again in a big way. A New Generation In the early 90s the new swing movement (often called the neo-swing movement) was largely underground. Media attention grew, and retro swing started [...]

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London Swing Scene

London swing has been popular since the 40s, but has more recently enjoyed success again. Introduction in Europe While swing music originated in the United States in the late 20s, Europe wasn’t far behind. This style of music quickly spread across the pond, and many artists created their own styles of swing. By the late [...]

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Swing History- From 1920 -Today

The turn of the century was instrumental in music. In the southern region of the United States, the African American community brought about a form of music that combined blues with syncopation, and jazz was born. Jazz began popping up in underground clubs, and spread through the communities like wildfire. It spurred several sub-genres of [...]

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The New York Swing Scene

The New York swing scene has been a large part of pop culture dating back to the 30s. When swing first made its way on the scene in New Orleans in the 20s, it wasn’t long before the style was adopted in New York. During the prohibition era, swing was huge in New York and [...]

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