Swing Origins – How the Magic Started

The style of jazz popular after the turn of the century had a sophisticated feel to it. It was popular in night clubs and bars all over the US after beginning in New Orleans. In the mid to late 20s many artists started to experiment with different sounds, adding more brass instruments and faster beats. This new style required more people playing to pull off, and the name ‘big band swing’ was born. From here its popularity skyrocketed, making way for many notable artists to make history.

Notable Groups

Benny Goodman has always been associated with the early swing movement. Sing Sing Sing composed and performed by Benny Goodman is still widely acclaimed and played in clubs and movies everywhere. But he wasn’t the only noteworthy artist. Art Tatum, Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Billie Holiday, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Glenn Miller, and many others made huge names for their selves, and still remain popular today.

Cross Genre

Once swing music gained world wide popularity other artists wanted to incorporate this style in to their music. This led to the advent of Western swing- a style of country that used swing as its base. Western swing tends to focus more on vocals and fiddles, but also keeps with the same basic concept as jazz swing. Rockabilly became popular as a way to mix the new rock and roll style with swing. Elvis was one famous example of this. Gypsy swing features a dominate swing style minus the heavy brass and percussion. Guitars and bass created the backbone for gypsy swing. Even today swing music still has influences on modern artists.

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