The New York Swing Scene

The New York swing scene has been a large part of pop culture dating back to the 30s. When swing first made its way on the scene in New Orleans in the 20s, it wasn’t long before the style was adopted in New York. During the prohibition era, swing was huge in New York and many swinger clubs were used as a front for alcohol consumption. Beyond that it remained large, and became a part of the culture that has remained strong through today.

Acid Jazz

Arguably, one of the more notable incarnations of swing in New York was the Acid Jazz movement. This genre of music took a strong swing backbone and incorporated hip hop and funk in to the mix. The result was a more garage feel in music. While acid jazz originated in the UK, it became hugely popular in the New York scene with many New York Swingers. By the 90s, it was hard not to find a club that didn’t feature this type of music.

Swing and Broadway

One of the most famous aspects of New York is the musical theater scene. Swing didn’t escape this avenue. Shows such as Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk used strong swing elements to captivate audiences. The show combined elements of tap, jazz, and swing to create a continuous rhythm that the dancers used to create a story. Swing! the musical also ran a decent stint on Broadway in the 90s. Elements of swing can still be found in today’s musicals thanks to the influence of musical theater on the New York and worldwide culture.

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